April 04, 2018

The Graham Foundation announced today that faculty members Alex Robinson and Diane Ghirardo are two of their 2018 grantees. Robinson's grant was awarded for his publication "The Spoils of Dust: Reinventing the Lake that Made Los Angeles," a book that details the history of the dried Owens Lake in California and offers tools to demonstrate an imaginative approach to dry lake design. Ghirardo's grant is for her book "Aldo Rossi and the Spirit of Architecture," which explores the creative process by which Italian architect Aldo Rossi carried his theories and methodologies into built form in buildings, drawings and product design.

This year, the Foundation awarded $534,850 for new grants to individuals around the world to support 74 projects promoting original ideas that advance our understanding of the designed environment. Funded projects include exhibitions, publications, films, new media works and site-specific installations that promote rigorous scholarship, stimulate experimentation and foster critical discourse in architecture.

Robinson is an assistant professor in the Master of Landscape Architecture & Urbanism program and principal of the Office of Outdoor Research in Los Angeles. His research advances the design craft of large-scale multi-functional infrastructures through his synthesis of historical analysis, advanced design tools and public engagement. "The Spoils of Dust" was also awarded a 2018 Foundation for Landscape Studies David R. Coffin Publication grant given "for the research and publication of a book that advances scholarship in the field of garden history and landscape studies."

For more information on Robinson's grant, click here: http://www.grahamfoundation.org/grantees/5768-the-spoils-of-dust-reinven...