Shanghai Regeneration

Five Paradigms

Xiangning Li, Dingliang Yang, Xiangming Huang



8.5'' x 11'' Portrait
Soft bound
Publication date: 
Spring 2017
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Rouyun Xu: Designer


Shanghai Regeneration: Five Paradigms, emphasizes
the value of design in the urban regeneration of
Shanghai, with the unique capacity to lead urban
transformation flexibly and productively, specifically
through the representative case studies in five different
synthesized paradigms. The book initially addresses
the issue of the urban restoration of Shanghai in the
past ten years, not only through systematic analysis,
but also by means of specific cases. This book will
be enlightening and useful for the professionals,
academics, and researchers in the field of urbanism
and architectural design related with China.

About the author: 

Xiangning Li is currently deputy dean and professor of
history, theory, and criticism at Tongji University College
of Architecture and Urban Planning, as well as a visiting
professor of Architecture at the Harvard University
Graduate School of Design. He is a member of CICA
(Comité International des Critiques d’Architecture),
and has published widely on contemporary Chinese
architecture and urbanism in international architectural
magazines including the Architectural Review, A+U,
Architectural Record, Domus, and more. His recent
books include The Real and the Imagined, Updating
China, Made in Shanghai, and Total China. He was
the co-curator of the 2011 Chendu Biennale, 2011
Shenzhen Biennale, and academic director and curator
of the 2013 Shenzhen/Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale and
West Bund 2013 Biennale.

Dingliang Yang is currently a teaching fellow and
research associate, as well as a Doctor of Design
Candidate at the Harvard University Graduate School of
Design, where he was awarded the Urban Planning and
Design Thesis Prize and Paul M. Heffernan Fellowship.
His most recent publications include Hangzhou: From
Canal Grid to Maxi-block and Townization: In Search of
New Paradigm of Urbanization in China. He also has
contributed to the publications, Common Frameworks
Rethinking the Developmental City in China: Xiamen the
Megaplot, The Countryside as a City, The Urbanistic
Plan in 21st Century, and EL Croquis. Yang is a
founding partner of Preliminary Research Office (PRO),
a Los Angeles based emergent interdisciplinary design
office, with a focus on work in China and the US.

Xiangming Huang is the board member and chief
architect of Tianhua Group. Since co-founding Tianhua,
he has led its design practice with a thoughtful and
critical perspective. Under his excellent leadership,
Tianhua Group has grown to a 2,500-employee
design-construction integrated service corporation
with international contracting qualification and contains
many wholly owned subsidiaries national wide. His
major works include Biyun Community, Biyun Garden,
Huilong New City, Oak Bay, Pujiang New Town, Vanke
Wonderland, Rainbow City, and Cultural and Sports
Center of Suzhou New District.